Our Services - Optical Alignment and Precision Measurement

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L3Harris Unidyne has an organic optical alignment and precision measurement capability providing a wide range of support to our alteration installation program. Our expert alignment technicians are familiar with setting benchmarks or working from existing geodetic marks. They employ traditional theodolites, automated total stations, and sophisticated photogrammetry alignment equipment.

Notable optical alignment efforts include:

  • Radar system alignment for the aircraft carrier Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS)
  • Shore-site radar system alignment
  • Antenna Alignment Common High Bandwidth Data Link (CHBDL) and Non-Uniform Correction Algorithm Suite (NU-CAS)
  • Navigation System Alignment in support of AN/WSN-7/7A/7B RLG and RLGN installations
  • Laboratory equipment alignment
  • Alignment of gun and missile fire control systems

L3Harris Unidyne provides a wide range of alignment services for shipboard applications. We have extensive experience installing and aligning a variety of steel or aluminum foundations for radar antennas, gun mounts, radomes and sonar systems. We maintain all the necessary clinometers, theodolites, invar kits, digital clinometers, special tooling and associated alignment parts to transfer parallel lines, reestablish centerline and ship's Master Level Plane. Results can be provided down to 2 arc seconds. We have processes to maintain the critical flatness of a multitude of foundation sizes by monitoring the entire welding/installation process.