Our Services - Fabrication of Molded Cables

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For over 20 years, L3Harris Unidyne has designed and fabricated complex cable and connector assemblies for use in extreme marine environments. We provide complete design, documentation, manufacturing, testing, logistics, and engineering analysis services to the U.S. Navy.

Services include:

  • Engineering support
  • Procurement, inspection, storage and inventory of piece parts
  • Verification and configuration management of design drawings
  • Development and configuration management of process control travelers
  • Manufacturing, quality control, inspection and testing of completed assemblies

L3Harris Unidyne is certified to NAVSEA S9320-AM-PRO-020/MLDG, the requirement for underwater cable assembly and encapsulated components fabrication, repair, and installation and NAVSEA S9320-AM-PRO-040/MLDG for splicing cables.

Examples of systems supported include:

  • Submarine retractable bow planes
  • Towed arrays
  • AN/BQQ-5 Sonar
  • AN/BQS-15 Under Ice Navigation/Close Avoidance Sonar
  • AN/BQS-14 Under Ice Navigation Sonar
  • AN/BQH-1 Sound Velocity Profiles
  • AN/BQN-17 Fathometer
  • AN/BQR-7 Conformal Hull Array Sonar
  • AN/BSY-1 Acoustic Set
  • Vertical Launch System (VLS)
  • High Frequency Sail Array (MIDAS)
  • AN/BQG-5 Wide Aperture Array (WAA)
  • Secondary Propulsion Motor (SPM)
  • OK-276 Flushing Motor
  • OK-542 Towed Array Handling System
  • OK-643 Towed Array Handling System
  • Dry Deck Shelter
  • MK 38 Machine Gun System
  • AN/SQS-53 Sonar (TR-313, TR-330, and TR-343 Stave Arrays)
  • Electro-magnetic Log/Pitsword/Rodmeter
  • AN/WSQ-9
  • Photonic Mast Assemblies