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L3Harris Unidyne plans and executes individual availabilities for Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) maintenance, repair, and modernization.


  • Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) availabilities
  • Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAV)
  • Fleet Modernization Program (FMP) availabilities at Assault Craft Unit Four (ACU-4) and Assault Craft Unit Five (ACU-5)

Having successfully completed over 50 complex availabilities, L3Harris Unidyne is the premier provider of LCAC maintenance and modernization.

SLEP availabilities are complex maintenance and modernization events that include:

  • Major structural repairs to the aluminum hull and underwater structure, lift fan structures,main engine modules and main deck
  • Modification and upgrades to hydraulic, fuel and electrical systems
  • New gas turbine engines installation

L3Harris Unidyne plans and executes the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Service Life Extension Program for the U.S. Army's Landing Craft Utility (LCU)-2000 Fleet as well as performing maintenance and upgrade availabilities for the U.S. Army's fleet of Logistic Support Vessels (LSVs).

The LCU-2000 C4ISR SLEP upgrades are performed at U.S. Army installations worldwide.

To support this effort, L3Harris Unidyne established a Technical Integration Facility (TIF) within our Newport News, Virginia operations center. The TIF supports the production of the C4ISR systems, Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) and Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems (GMDSS). It is a simulated IBS environment with all of the components installed, configured, integrated and tested as it is on board the LCU-2000 class vessel.

The design of the TIF is a realistic representation of a fully operational IBS and GMDSS suite, providing the capability to simulate AutoPilot functions with the ship's steering operations, with inputs from the Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) and gyro. With excellent performance on LSV and LCU-2000 availabilities, L3Harris Unidyne has established a reputation as the most reliable, cost-effective, and proven partner for maintenance and service life extension of the U.S. Army's watercraft fleet.

LCU 2000 C4I SLEP availabilities include:

  • Equipment procurement
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Upgrade, integration and installation of the Integrated Bridge System (IBS), Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) and Power Systems
  • Fabrication of equipment mounts, foundations consoles and fiddle boards
  • Subject Matter Expertise with over 60 years of combined U.S. Army Maritime experience
  • Curriculum development assistance for the C4I new equipment training instructor and student guide packages as well as instruction of the new equipment training
  • Engineering
  • Development of technical data packages designed to meet International Maritime Organization (IMO), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirements
  • Test verification, commissioning, dock and sea trials of the C4I IBS, GMDSS and Power suites
  • In-house Technical Integration Facility (TIF)
  • Configuration management
  • Warranty tracking and execution
  • Field service support
  • Turnkey lifecycle support