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Two dimensional (2-D) and three dimensional (3-D) mock-ups are employed to facilitate the installation of equipment upgrades and to protect operational equipment from damage onboard submarines and surface ships. It is impractical to load heavy and expensive electronic enclosures aboard ships and then move them around to target electronic cabling, power cables, and cooling systems and to prepare the deck and bulkhead for proper shock mounting. The 2-D and 3-D mock-ups are lightweight, compact, and reconfigurable, simplifying the essential requirements for installation prior to loading equipment onto the ship or submarine. With over 150 proven designs, L3Harris Unidyne is the premier designer and manufacturer of 2-D and 3-D mock-ups for U.S. Navy and commercial applications. These mock-ups are rigid to maintain dimensional characteristic tolerances, but are designed to fold to allow for easy on-load and off-load through tight passageways, hatches and watertight doors.

L3Harris Unidyne mock-ups are designed specifically for each platform to enhance the ability of the installation team to prepare each individual space for new incoming components. Platform attributes typically emulated by 2-D/3-D mock-ups include:

  • Electrical targets such as power and signal using exactly configured connectors
  • Cooling water targets with integral loop for pressure testing
  • Deck foundation mounting features with custom drill and tap guides
  • Upper sway brace configuration
  • Overall envelope size such as height, width and depth to ensure maintenance access
  • Specific equipment contour to meet limited space attributes or platform specific interference features to allow for air movement or cable ways
  • Bi-metal base to enable the use of a magnetic base drill for precision drilling and tapping

These combined attributes in a single modular unit make the use of 2-D and 3-D mock-ups a significant benefit for any customer enabling cost efficiency, schedule adherence and quality.

  • 2D Mock-up Folded

    2D Mock-up Folded

  • 2D Mock-up Backplane

    2D Mock-up Backplane

  • 2D Mock-up Side View

    2D Mock-up Side View