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SPDES delivered the first shock hardened circuit breaker to the U.S. Navy in 1917.

SPDES had circuit breakers on Spanish-American Warships

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Model 4012

Model 4012

Air Circuit Breaker-4012 Data Sheet (PDF)

Model 2012

Model 2012

Air Circuit Breaker-2012 Data Sheet (PDF)

L3 SPD Electrical Systems' air circuit breakers allow for increased automation and reduced manning through local and remote-state monitoring of circuit breaker parameters. Our air circuit breakers are based on Eaton's Magnum Double Narrow circuit breaker, the leading circuit breaker in the world.

Many new standard features include RMS sensing, ground-fault detection, real-time state monitoring, bidirectional communications, control functions, undervoltage dropout, undervoltage lockout, power-up trip, charging motor protection and more.

By integrating electronic overcurrent protection in the air circuit breakers, L3 SPD Electrical Systems eliminates the need for costly overcurrent assemblies. This flexibility provides simplified ordering, application versatility, reduced parts inventory and reduced maintenance, resulting in manpower savings.


PNCC pdfL3's PNCC offers groundbreaking technology for electrical power distribution systems by providing the functionality of transfer switches, frequency converters, motor controllers, transformers, circuit breakers, rectifiers and inverters – simultaneously within a single enclosure. Programmable power electronic building blocks are what enables this technology for mixed application usage. The PNCC provides the highest reliability, survivability, power density and load-power quality - all with affordability in mind.

Click here to download further information on the PNCC.

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