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About L3Harris SPDES

With over a hundred years of experience dating back to Henry Cutter's first "inverse time element" circuit breaker in the late nineteenth century, L3Harris SPD Electrical Systems (L3Harris SPDES) is the world's leading supplier of innovative shock-hardened circuit breakers and switchgear for harsh environment applications. SPD Electrical Systems has predominantly supplied the U.S. Navy with power distribution systems installed on every surface combatant, submarine and aircraft carrier.

In addition to decades of providing in-house designs, L3Harris SPDES has worked in collaboration with commercial circuit breaker suppliers to militarize commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products for application in combatant environments. This approach has yielded advances such as L3Harris SPDES' air circuit breakers, which allow increased automation and reduced manning through local and remote-state monitoring and control of circuit breaker parameters.

L3Harris SPDES continues to support decades of fielded circuit breaker products through a factory-based repair and overhaul center staffed by dedicated personnel and supported by factory resident engineering. L3Harris SPDES is located in Northeast Philadelphia and is comprised of nearly 200 engineering, program management, production and support professionals.