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With 80 locations in 20 countries, L3 M&PS has the people, resources and technology you need, where and when you need it.

For more than 100 years, L3 M&PS has delivered smart solutions tour maritime customers, earning a reputation as a trusted leader in military, commercial and offshore markets around the world.

Only L3 M&PS has the proven experience to adapt our commercial marine technology to meet our customer's ruggedized requirements, combining innovation and affordability.

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Power Conversion Equipment | Air-Cooled Solid State Frequency Converter (ACSSFC)

The ACSSFC from L3 Power Paragon is the second-generation air-cooled, solid-state frequency converter which supplies precise, reliable, power for the U.S. Navy's most advanced and sophisticated weapon system— AEGIS. A direct descendant of the U.S. Navy's MK84, liquid-cooled, solid-state frequency converter, the ACSSFC is the class standard on the Arleigh Burke Class DDGs.

Power Distribution (Power Paragon)
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