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In naval applications, L3's product lines include some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. Committed to providing innovative solutions, L3 has an unmatched track-record successfully designing, manufacturing and integrating rugged and reliable products and services for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automation, Simulation and Control Systems
  • Navigation and Communication
  • Safety, Security, Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Power Generation, Conversion and Distribution
  • Electric Propulsion Drive Systems
  • Waterside Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Underwater Ranges and Ocean Sciences
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare and Mine Warfare Systems

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Cargo Control | 30kW and 60kW Tactical Quiet Generator (TQG) Sets, MEP-805B, 806B, 815B, 816B sets, 750kW MEP-012b Power Units | Power Distribution (Westwood)
Circuit Breakers | | Power Distribution (SPD Electrical Systems)
Circuit Breakers | PNCC | Power Distribution (SPD Electrical Systems)
Communication Equipment | Alarm & Announcing Systems (A&AS) | Power Management (Maritime Systems)
Computer Interface Module | CIM | Power Distribution (Westwood)
Control Systems | Damage Control Systems (DCS) | Power Management (Maritime Systems)
Control Systems | Engineering Control Systems (ECS) | Power Management (Maritime Systems)
Converter | Solid-State Converter for Aircraft Instrumentation Lighting | Power Distribution (Power Paragon)
COTS based Ship Control Systems | | MAPPS

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