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Power Distribution (Power Paragon)

901 E. Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92805 USA
(714) 956-9200

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100 VA, Single Phase Inverter

The PS277-3 static inverter was designed to replace rotary motor-generator sets. Power Paragon static inverters provide a no-maintenance, solid-state solution to the conversion of DC power to the AC power required to operate motors and solid-state loads. The output of these inverters is a low distortion, regulated, EMI filtered sinewave.

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Power Distribution
(SPD Electrical Systems)

13500 Roosevelt Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19116
(215) 677-4900

Inverter PNCC


L3Harris's PNCC offers groundbreaking technology for electrical power distribution systems by providing the functionality of transfer switches, frequency converters, motor controllers, transformers, circuit breakers, rectifiers and inverters – simultaneously within a single enclosure. Programmable power electronic building blocks are what enables this technology for mixed application usage. The PNCC provides the highest reliability, survivability, power density and load-power quality - all with affordability in mind.

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