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IBS April 2012

Integrated Bridge System

The L3Harris Navigation approach to navigation and integrated bridges is different from all others, and is based on a solid background of system integration expertise, sea-going experience and innovative engineering. While most suppliers' bridge integration philosophy consists of physically integrating different hardware and software systems into one console, the L3Harris Navigation takes a completely different approach, focusing on functional integration. This approach allows any navigation function to be performed from any workstation. The networked approach that brings the functionality together also allows for easy integration with other ship systems.

The L3Harris Navigation IBS is based on the belief that improved human-machine interaction results in increased safety.

This is accomplished by:

  • Seamless integration of navigation functions
  • Uniform information presentation
  • Uniform operation principles
  • User simplicity to avoid human errors
  • Multifunction workstations
  • Multiple layers of redundancy and graceful degradation
  • COTS hardware for ease of maintenance

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