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Power Management
(Maritime Systems)

750 Miller Drive SE, Suite 100
Leesburg, VA 20175
(703) 443-1700

Alarm & Announcing Systems (A&AS)

Rugged and high performance, L3Harris Maritime Systems modular announcing systems are designed for use in high and ambient noise environments such as on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, in enclosed compartments of merchant marine vessels, on offshore platforms, in railroad stations and tunnels. Available in both military and commercial configurations, the modular design of these systems allows custom fitting for any requirements. They are also compatible with a variety of military- and commercial-grade loudspeakers.

Key components of Maritime Systems Announcing Systems Include:

  • Microphone Control Stations
  • System Control Panels or Power Amplifier/Control Panels
  • Oscillator/Power Supply Panels
  • Audio Power Amplifiers