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Battle Damage Control Systems

Designed to provide full support to officers and decision-makers in carrying out their duties, the L3Harris MAPPS Battle Damage Control System (BDCS) helps the damage control team manage the full range of emergency situations, from fire, flood and smoke to radiation and chemical hazard detection. Fully integrated within the L3Harris MAPPS IPMS, BDCS information is distributed across all IPMS workstations on the network.

Incident management is the primary function of the BDCS and can be performed from the same display used to perform ship monitoring and control. Incidents and resource deployment are plotted directly on the General Arrangement Plan (GAP) and are automatically redistributed to all IPMS workstations for fast and accurate update of the situation. This ensures that all parties are making decisions based on the same information. Active incidents and incident progression are easily identified with standard symbols displayed on the GAP.

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