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Executive Summary

L3 Power Paragon is a recognized leader in shipboard solid-state power conversion and protection equipment.

We have been providing customers with reliable electrical power systems for decades. Our success is a result of our ability to understand the system requirements, as well as the products we are contracted to deliver. We are able to see beyond the specified requirements to meet the total requirements for the system. Our products demonstrate our ability to bring new technology to product realization in demanding environments.

L3 Power Paragon's power conversion, power conditioning and power protection solutions are found in a wide range of demanding military and commercial environments around the world, including surface ships, planes, tanks, submarines, helicopters, trains, utility power grids and large computer installations.

Power technology systems from L3 Power Paragon are virtually the "service standard" for the United States Navy and many international navies. L3 Power Paragon technologies are also widely used in ground force and aviation installations.

The company has the experience, creativity and technical skills to produce products that are largely engineered-to-order for each application. This may mean employing dual-use design and manufacturing strategies to ruggedize a commercial UPS or utilizing sophisticated military technology for commercial applications. For other applications, L3 Power Paragon may develop fully integrated power conversion and delivery subsystems or perform engineering of total power delivery systems employing advanced proprietary techniques such as dynamic simulation. The company is a technology developer of high-energy applications based on our expertise in power electronics and control systems.

Many military programs incorporate L3 Power Paragon power technologies, including; NSSN, Aegis (CG 47 class and DDG 51 class ships), LHD, LPD, AOE, SSN 21, MCM, CV/CVN, FFG 7, Canadian Patrol Frigate, Spanish F100, Japanese frigates, Israeli Sa'ar 5, Taiwanese PFG and many others.

L3 Power Paragon also provides innovative airborne products to solve difficult power requirements. The company's power conversion equipment delivers reliable AC or DC power to a variety of output loads with power demands of up to 15 kVA. These devices can be found in many military and commercial fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for numerous customers in the military sector, as well as companies such as Rockwell Collins, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Kaman, Serv-Air, Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems and Bell Helicopter.

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