Systems – System Integration

L3 Maritime Systems is a designer and integrator of shipboard electrical and electronic systems and is the C4N Integrator for the USN Ship-to-Shore Connector program. We work with other L3 divisions and trusted industry partners to design, procure and integrate systems that reduce shipboard integration risk.

Our system integration capability is based on an Earned Value Management program management approach coupled with a CMMI Level III, IEEE 12207, systems engineering process. This ensures programs are implemented on schedule and budget and that all program requirements are met and validated as early as possible.

L3 Maritime Systems can provide a completely integrated ship power generation, distribution, conversion and management system for naval vessels of any size. Other L3 divisions manufacture many of the components used in naval power distribution with L3 Maritime Systems acting as a single-source supplier to reduce overhead related to multiple purchase orders.

As a C4N Integrator, L3 Maritime Systems can design, procure and integrate all non-combat-related control, communication and computing systems and networks on a vessel. Using our rigorous systems engineering process we capture all requirements and interfaces in our systems engineering toolset to generate subsystem, component and interface specifications that are complete and consistent.

Our simulation capability allows us to conduct extensive testing of a complete integrated C4N system prior to delivery. This lab-based test environment can be used for system support during shipboard installation and testing.

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