Capabilities – Systems Design Agent

L3 Maritime Systems has proven experience as a systems design agent to support our customers from initial concept development through to delivery and onboard testing. Our understanding of ships, shipbuilding and ship operation provides us with a unique capability to optimize solutions for specific applications. Each project is optimized based on its unique set of key performance characteristics, and our internal review process ensures that these factors are continuously monitored throughout the design phase.

As a best-of-industry provider, L3 Maritime Systems supports our customers to define shipboard electronic and electrical systems solutions that meet their program requirements. We have experienced systems engineers who support our customers in the development of technical specifications for these systems in the early stages of ship design. Our engineers work closely with the customers' marine engineers to ensure that system definitions meet functional and operational requirements.

As your design agent, L3 Maritime Systems is committed to the success of your program as an extension of your in-house design staff.

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