Systems – Ship Situational Awareness

The Ship Status Awareness System (SSAS)

The Ship Status Awareness System (SSAS) provides a ship's officers and crew with a real-time view of the status of the ship's operation and its machinery in normal conditions and provides timely and accurate reporting of all casualty control actions.

If the SSAS is integrated with the ship's machinery control system, the SSAS receives real-time status information on all monitored ship systems and can be configured to provide authorized users with the ability to control ship equipment from the SSAS displays. The SSAS can display any operator display from the ECS and is also provided with special status overview pages that can include data from the ship's navigation system. This provides command the ability to see at a glance the operating state of the ship and any equipment that is out of service.

During casualties, the SSAS can be configured to a plotting mode that displays a general arrangement (GA) plan of the ship with control menus conveniently located along the edges. The GA view shows the status of all available casualty sensors such as heat and smoke detectors, flooding sensors, or door and hatch sensors. An operator can select to view the GA in a plan view or an isometric view at any time, and all data in either view is retained in the other format. The primary function of the GA view is to allow operators to plot casualties and recovery actions on the display and have that data automatically transmitted to all other stations to ensure all actions are coordinated. In addition to traditional plotting capabilities the SSAS provides the ability to enter comments at any place on the display and to sketch information in freehand using a touchscreen display. Comments and sketches are transmitted to all stations as an additional means of communication.

L3 Maritime System's display technology provides instantaneous zooming and panning capability in the SSAS. The display automatically provides greater detail as the operator zooms in, but removes this detail at lower levels of magnification to avoid cluttering the display. The system has a magnifier window that allows the operator to see the lower-level detail in a specific area while maintaining a high-level view of the situation.

The SSAS includes a "kill card" utility that provides the crew with a list of actions that should be followed in the event of a casualty, such as making an announcement, ensuring a space is evacuated or taking steps to isolate power and fuel systems. Many of these actions can be automated in the kill card so that the operator can select an action and the SSAS will take the necessary steps.

It is also possible to integrate the SSAS with a stability calculation system so that damage stability of the ship can be assessed based on tank levels and reported flooding. If the stability system includes hull stress calculations, these can be continuously updated and displayed to the command team in real time.

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