L3 Maritime Systems Products

L3 Henschel-Brand Products

Our products provide the most innovative solutions for our customer community's wide range of requirements. Our experience in complex ship control environments gives us the capability to create quality products that exceed expectations. These products are used in our system designs and are also offered for sale on a standalone basis. We are proud to offer our customers the following core products:

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Automatic Identification System (AIS)

  • Maritime Aids to Navigation (ATON)
  • Airborne
  • Base Station

Communication Products

  • Alarm and Announcing Systems (A&AS)
  • Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Control System Equipment

  • Control Systems
  • Steering Gear Control/Actuation Systems (SGCS)
  • Water Mist Control Systems
  • Generator Control Unit (GCU)
  • Data Acquisition Units (DAU)
  • Consoles and Workstations
  • Throttles and Engine Order Telegraph (EOT)
  • Whistle Timer

Monitoring Systems

  • Air Flow Monitoring Systems
  • Automated Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Battery Current Monitoring Systems
  • Missile Tube Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
  • Power Bus Monitoring
  • Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS)

Navigation Products

  • Navigation Systems and Components
  • Ship's Data Display System
  • Navigation Data Distribution System (NDDS)
  • Helm and Lee Helm Consoles
  • ECDIS Workstations
  • Indicating and Ordering Products
  • Integrated Digital Indicator Panel
  • Shaft Speed Indicator
  • Rudder Angle Indicator
  • Rudder Angle Transmitter
  • Engine Order Telegraph
  • Roll and Pitch Indicator