About – Overview

L3 Maritime Systems is a foremost designer and integrator of naval and marine electrical and electronic systems including machinery and damage control, integrated bridge and navigation, alarm and announcing, and electrical auxiliary propulsion systems.

L3 Maritime Systems provides complete turnkey, whole-ship electrical, mechanical and electronic design and integration for vessels of any size and complexity.

In its 98 years in the maritime market, the L3 Henschel-brand product line has grown from Engine Order Telegraphs, Fog-Bell & Gong Systems, Ship's Whistle Controllers, Ship's Course Indicators and Sound Powered Telephones to Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS), Integrated Navigation Systems (INS), Navigation Data Conversion and Distribution Systems (NDDS), Steering Control Systems, Rudder Angle Transmitter Units (RATU), Alarm and Announcing Systems (AAS) and Specialty Sensing Systems (pressure, trim angle, air flow and others) to meet today's demanding naval requirements.

Our latest products and systems can be found on the U.S. Navy's newest aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, destroyers, submarines and frigates as well as many U.S. Coast Guard cutters. L3 Maritime Systems has a proven reputation as an essential and reliable supplier to the U.S. Navy for both existing and next-generation vessels. Our systems are manufactured in-house at our various manufacturing facilities.

Our design philosophy begins with rigorous systems engineering analysis, requirements documentation and selection of standardized and modular off-the-shelf technologies and components that we integrate into rugged shipboard systems and products that meet stringent naval and Coast Guard requirements.

This design approach facilitates technology insertion and obsolescence management, reducing life-cycle costs. L3 Maritime Systems is committed to providing the most suitable technologies and systems at the best value in integrated, tailored solutions that meet our customers' unique requirements.

Systems and Products

  • Machinery and Damage Control Systems
  • Integrated Bridge and Navigation Systems
  • Networks and Data Distribution Systems
  • Specialty Sensing Systems
  • Electrical Auxiliary Propulsion Systems
  • Automatic Identification Systems

Our unsurpassed experience in marine systems includes the following current programs:

  • DDG Zumwalt Class
  • CVN Gerald R. Ford Class
  • LCS USS Independence Class
  • LHA USS America Class
  • CVN-77 USS George H.W. Bush
  • LPD USS San Antonio Class
  • USCG Bertholf Class
  • USCG Sentinel Class
  • DDG-51 Flt IIa Modernization
  • CG-47 Class Modernization
  • T-AO USNS Henry J. Kaiser Class
  • T-AOE-6 USNS Supply
  • Select international allied navies