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Our Navigation and Bridge Systems offer ergonomic support for operators

L3 Maritime Systems Navigation and Bridge Systems are custom designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients and their vessels based on intelligent integration of a wide array of control, sensor and indicator systems that set new standards for functionality, integrated operation and ergonomic support for the operators.

Our turnkey solutions include program management, project engineering, hardware and software engineering, selection and/or development of controls, sensors and multifunction consoles, factory acceptance testing, qualification, installation supervision, commissioning and crew training.

L3 Maritime Systems provide a complete solution including bridge space layout

We can design a physically integrated ship control solution where individual components from a variety of OEMs are physically arranged for optimal ergonomics, an "all glass" integrated bridge where nearly all functions are accessed via video displays or an "any screen, any station" design where all data is routed using video/data switches.

We provide a complete solution including bridge space layout, custom ship control console design and ergonomic layout of equipment to provide safe, effective and efficient operation of the vessel. We can also provide a full mockup of ship control consoles, or of entire bridge spaces including bulkheads and windows, to allow ergonomic assessment of a design prior to manufacturing.

Our navigation bridges are designed to comply with international standards for ship design:

  • ABS Ergonomic Design of Navigation Bridges
  • ABS Guide for Bridge Design and Navigational Equipment/Systems
  • International Association of Classification Societies Standard for Bridge Design, Equipment and Arrangement
  • IMO Guidelines on Ergonomic Criteria for Bridge Equipment and Layout

L3 Maritime Systems can provide either full naval navigation solutions based on a proven Electronic Chart Display and Information System – Naval (ECDIS-N) or an IMO-certified commercial ECDIS chart system. We are able to integrate third-party ECDIS systems into our bridge and navigation systems when customers have selected a fleet-wide standard ECDIS product. Our console designs range from commercial marine standard to fully MIL-SPEC-qualified ruggedized equipment. We design and manufacture our bridges to meet our customers' specific needs and concept of operations (CONOPS).

L3 Maritime Systems can provide full naval navigation solutions

Our engineers can also procure and integrate a complete range of navigation sensors that meet all classification and operator requirements. As a navigation system designer and integrator we are able to select the best of industry technology from a wide variety of equipment suppliers to meet our customers' needs. We ensure that all selected equipment will operate in an integrated navigation system solution.

L3 Maritime Systems offers a range of navigation data distribution solutions to complete an Integrated Navigation System (INS). Our NavConverter and Input/Output Controllers (NC & IOC) and Computer Conversion Assemblies (CCA) interface with existing sensors and legacy systems to convert messages to compatible data formats and interfaces. Our systems support weapon system interfaces, standard Navy NAVSSI data and NMEA 0183/2000 message formats.

See our Products page for a more complete description of our bridge and navigation products.

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