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Maritime Systems Electric Auxiliary Propulsion Systems

L3 Maritime Systems has provided the electrical propulsion systems for the USS Howard 0. Lorenzen (T-AGM-25), the M.V. American Phoenix and is under contract for the auxiliary electric propulsion system for the DDG-51 Flight IIA backfit program. We can provide electric auxiliary propulsion solutions for vessels of any size or service, and also provide bi-directional power take-in/power take-out systems that can provide propulsion or generate electric power from a ship's main engines.

We use active front-end technology that eliminates the need for large, heavy and costly power transformers, which minimizes harmonic noise on a ship's electrical distribution system. With our proven industry partners we can provide systems ranging from commercial standard to fully naval qualified and with either induction or permanent magnet motors.

Our approach is to repackage commercial variable-speed drive electronics in custom-designed ruggedized cabinets to meet specific program requirements. By using custom enclosures we are able to optimize the size of the drive for the restricted space available on a naval vessel. We are also able to custom design the cooling system for sea water, fresh water or chilled water depending on availability on the vessel.

In most naval applications a custom-designed motor is required due to physical constraints, shock loading and noise rating. We work with a variety of motor suppliers to obtain motors that best meet the needs of each specific application.

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