Contact and Support

Worldwide 24/7 Field Service Support

(800) 229-8266

Technical Support

For more information or 24-hour technical support, please contact our customer service manager:

(978) 784-1999

Repair Services

For repair services based on our proven skills and experienced resources, please contact:

Repair Services: (978) 784-1944
Spares: (978)-784-1973

Product Support

Eamon Connolly

VP of Product Support
(978) 784-1646

Account Manager

Ron Harris

US Navy Account Manager
(978) 784-1983

Spares and Repairs:

Ed Manix

Parts Coordinator
(978) 784-1973

Service and Support:

Heather Schartner

Field Service Manager
(978) 784-1616


Jim Buonanno

Repair Coordinator
(978) 784-1944


Alfred (Al) Taylor

Director Business Development
(703) 737-6213

AIS Sales:

Pete Besio

AIS Sales Manager
(941) 377-5599