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Welcome to L3 Power Distribution

Aligning for Growth, Competing to Win.

L3 Power Distribution is the integration of four separate businesses into one cohesive organization; it includes the following divisions: Applied Technologies (ATI), Power Paragon (PPI), SPD Electrical Systems, and Westwood.

L3 Power Distribution has been a worldwide leader of innovative power solutions for over 100 years. The company's panel boards, power conversion, power conditioning and power protection solutions can be found in a wide range of demanding military and commercial environments around the world. Power technology systems from L3 Power Distribution are virtually the "service standard" for the United States Navy and many international navies.

With 14 locations and over 1,000 employees throughout the United States, L3 Power Distribution also provides advanced simulations supporting enhancing soldier safety in combat, electron beam sterilization, and high power radiation producing systems for nuclear effects testing.