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L3 Maritime Systems: U.S. Navy Goes Electric

April 2013 Issue

The U.S. Navy's fleet of ships was designed for maximum performance in the worst of conditions. Yet, with the recent upswing in global fuel prices, the price of that performance has increased operating costs and highlighted the absolute need for more fuel efficient vehicles. Faced with that growing challenge, the Navy has implemented a plan to adapt its fleet to the new reality, decrease cost and still maintain operational capability.

Earlier this year, Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International highlighted one part of the Navy's solution by introducing hybrid electric drive (HED) systems to its Arleigh Burke class of destroyers. As part of that effort, L3 Marine & Power Systems was awarded a contract for the development phase of the first prototype, a system designed to increase efficiency of the propulsion system in up to 36 Flight 11A Arleigh Burke-class ships.

To get a better view of the Navy's efforts to create hybrid systems in its ships, Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International gave L3 Marine & Power Systems permission to republish the article in PDF format.

Download the Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology Article Here.

Reporting for Duty Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International