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L3 Delivers Communications Solution for James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGE Expedition

SYDNEY, Australia, June 19, 2012

L3 Nautronix and L3 ELAC Nautik announced today the use of their maritime systems equipment to provide unprecedented two-way, reliable communications to the deepest point of the ocean, a part of the Mariana Trench called Challenger Deep. The L3 systems were used in support of a record-breaking dive conducted by James Cameron in his one-man DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submarine on March 26.

The dive was the centrepiece of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition, a joint scientific project by James Cameron, the National Geographic Society and Rolex to conduct deep-ocean research and exploration. Mr. Cameron touched bottom at a depth of 10,898 metres and stayed there for several hours in order to explore, film and collect scientific samples. The information collected during the expedition will be included in a National Geographic magazine story as well as a 3-D feature documentary film to be released this winter. All information for the project is available at

"We are extremely proud to have been part of James Cameron's historic expedition and to have assured reliable communications to the bottom of the ocean," said Paul Roberts, L3 Nautronix project manager and expedition team member. "This project proves that the possibilities for voice and digital data transfer now have few limitations. The L3 solution guaranteed the continuous flow of information, allowing Mr. Cameron to immediately transmit the news of his landing on the Trench to the expedition's surface vessels, as well as his wife, and to simultaneously receive their congratulations"

The Mariana Trench is the most remote and isolated place on the planet. To meet the extraordinary demands of the expedition, L3 was tasked with providing a technical solution that would enable Mr. Cameron and his submarine's systems to remain in contact through voice and digital communications to the surface at all times. L3's underwater communications solution included the MASQ signaling system from L3 Nautronix complemented by the UT 3000 underwater telephone system from L3 ELAC Nautik.

L3 Nautronix' MASQ signalling system was developed to provide next-generation, reliable Through Water Communications (TWC) as an underwater SMS-style messaging system operating at speed and depth. L3 ELAC Nautik's UT 3000 is a premier underwater communications system that combines analogue and digital communication in a single unit. In addition to a telephony and telegraphy mode, the UT 3000 provides unique features, such as own noise measurement, horizontal distance measurement and transmission of SOS signals.

Aside from underwater communications, the state-of-the-art L3 systems supported the monitoring of critical data, including Mr. Cameron's vital signs, the submarine's oxygen and battery levels, depth, speed, and range from the support vessels.

L3 Nautronix is a leading provider of maritime systems and solutions for surface, undersea, geospatial and network-centric applications. The company maintains facilities in Sydney, Fremantle, Wollongong and Cairns, Australia. The technology deployed for the expedition was originally developed to provide the Royal Australian Navy's Collins Class submarines with a highly reliable, discrete communications capability and has since been developed for a number of other defence and commercial applications. For more information, please visit

For more than 80 years, L3 ELAC Nautik has been a leader in underwater acoustics for marine and survey applications, as well as navigation systems. L3 ELAC Nautik is a reliable partner to its naval and civilian customers. Today, L3 ELAC Nautik's equipment and systems are used in a full spectrum of maritime applications around the world. To learn more, please visit the company's website at

L3 Nautronix and ELAC Nautik are both part of L3 Marine & Power Systems (M&PS). Comprising 25 operating companies, M&PS is a worldwide leader in maritime automation and control, navigation, communications, dynamic positioning, and power distribution and conditioning for the U.S. Navy, allied foreign navies and commercial customers worldwide. With over 80 locations in 20 countries, L3 M&PS is a cohesive, global partner with extensive capabilities and a proven track record in delivering the highest level of technology, service and integration. To learn more about L3 Marine & Power Systems, please visit its website at

Headquartered in New York City, L3 Communications employs approximately 61,000 people worldwide and is a prime contractor in C3ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems, aircraft modernization and maintenance, and government services. L3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of electronic systems used on military and commercial platforms. The company reported 2011 sales of $15.2 billion. To learn more about L3, please visit the company's website at

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