L3 Technologies

L3 MariPro has developed modular cable deployment systems that can be rapidly mobilized on any suitable vessel, anywhere in the world. L3 MariPro has successfully utilized the vessel-of-opportunity approach to installing undersea cabled systems since the early 1960’s. L3 MariPro’s experienced personnel and extensive suite of modular equipment-including Linear Cable Engines (LCE’s), navigation system, and supplementary equipment have performed over 70 installations and repairs from 38 different vessels-of-opportunity. These vessels-of-opportunity are appropriately sized for the project at hand and are either owned, operated, customer furnished or chartered by L3 MariPro.

A vessel-of-opportunity cable installation has two major cost advantages over using a dedicated cable-laying vessel. A vessel-of-opportunity can usually be found at ports in close proximity to the cable project site, greatly reducing the transit charter costs and utilizing local crews familiar with the local waters.

The daily charter costs for such ships are less expensive when compared to the cost of a dedicated cable-laying vessel.

M/V RAMBO, Power and
Fiber Cable. Alaska
Gulf of Mexico
R/V WM. A. McGAW, Telecom.
F/V LOS VILOS II, Fiber Cable Repair.