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Through-Water Acoustic Communications

HAIL - HydroAcoustic Information Link

Current concept of operations for the U.S. Navy requires that underwater assets, such as submarines, both manned and unmanned vehicles, and sensors to become a “node” in the global information grid. Battle group, in-theater and training commanders must have reliable two-way communications to provide situational awareness, as well as tactical and organizational information transfer.

L3 MariPro provides acoustic through water communication and telemetry systems for the U.S. and allied navies and commercial companies worldwide. The systems are easy to operate, low-power, low probability of Intercept (LPI), one-way ranging capable, long-range, resistant to: jamming, multi-path, frequency selective fading, doppler tolerant, operate at speed and depth, possess low spectral density, and operate near real time.

The Hydroacoustic Information Link (HAIL) meets all the features noted above through innovative application of an acoustic, digital, spread spectrum signaling technique. HAIL uses a proprietary signaling scheme based on digital spread spectrum signaling technology to provide a text messaging capability that achieves data rates of 100 bps at ranges of greater than 33 kilometers and Doppler tolerance of greater then 28 knots. Walk-aboard implementations of HAIL also support multinational submarine training exercises.

HAIL Command and Control Modem -
Remote Transducer
The HAIL hydroacoustic signaling technology, system architecture and interfaces have been specifically designed to enable rapid solution development and insertion into a range of integrated undersea applications. L3 MariPro has adapted the HAIL technology to receive and send text messaging for manned vehicles and command and control information to other unmanned undersea vehicles, platforms or sensors.

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