L3 Technologies
Navigation and Cable Installation Modeling

MakaiLay Navigation ScreenContractual requirements and approved permitted cable routes require a high degree of accuracy when deploying cable and sensor systems in order to position them correctly into the subsea environment. It is important that navigators and installation directors are able to estimate the effects of turns by the installation vessel and ocean currents acting upon the cable and cable tension, to facilitate the accurate placement of the cabled systems. L3 MariPro is one of a small handful of international cable installation contractors that operate MakaiPlan Pro® and MakaiLay® submarine cable management software. Makai is a comprehensive PC based software program designed specifically to model and install submarine cables with the highest degree of accuracy and reliability. The MakaiPlan Pro® is a powerful tool used by L3 MariPro engineers for 3-D, dynamic subsea cable installation simulations, allowing us to understand all circumstances for a specific cable installation before entering the field. The MakaiLay├é┬« software extends this capability as a practical field installation tool to accurately manage, control and continuously log all installation data.