L3 Technologies
Dive Support and Underwater Construction

L3 MariPro divers have provided professional diving support since our original inception at Delco/General Motors Sea Operations in 1961. Our divers have logged thousands of accident-free dives and are committed to safety. The L3 MariPro diving program was developed based on a desire for direct intervention by skilled and knowledgeable individuals able to support the diverse and specialized nature of L3 MariPro's marine projects. The typical L3 MariPro diver is a technical professional or credentialed engineer with over ten years experience in marine installation support.

L3 MariPro divers specialize in underwater surveys, inspections, repairs, installations and maintenance. Our expertise includes the installation and maintenance of underwater instrumentation and cable and systems for government, scientific and commercial applications on a worldwide basis. The L3 MariPro dive team is experienced and equipped with rapidly deployable modern surface supplied diving equipment.

L3 MariPro also maintains a variety of tooling that can be customized in-house to meet specific customer project requirements. The dive locker includes hydraulic tooling to support cable maintenance, repairs and mooring installations. L3 MariPro develops and operates water-jet cable burial equipment which can provide a low-cost subsea cable burial of up to two meters soil depth. ROV and subsea cable/pipeline tracking services are also available.

– Meets or exceeds regulatory requirements per Cal OSHA and USCG for Commercial Diving Operations
– Member of the Association of Diving Contractors International
– Provides licensed professional engineer divers that can furnish in-water engineering services, forensic analysis and certificated documentation
– Long history of working with government agencies

– Cable stabilization and repair
– Cable burial vehicle
– Imbedment mooring systems
– Cable shore landing support
– Experienced in remote site diving operations
– Inspection services