L3 Technologies
Cable Burial

L3 MariPro's cable burial trencher is a self-propelled water-jet subsea tool designed to provide cost efficient and reliable cable burial to 2.0 meters in water depths to 50 meters (165 ft.). The cable trencher's depressor can be modified to handle a wide range of cable diameters (including split pipe) at varying burial depths on a single pass in cooperative soils.

Cabial Burial Trencher Diesel-driven water pump for Trencher

The system can be operated from a small support barge which houses the system's water pump and diesel engine power supply. The pump provides the water pressure for cutting the burial trench and system propulsion. With the aid of onboard cameras and instrumentation, the sled's forward progress, cable-feed configuration and cable burial trencher attitude may be continuously monitored from the surface. The cable is captured at the lead-in chute at the front and is guided along the leading edge of the stinger to assure full burial of the cable. Because the cable burial sled is self-propelled by the water jets, risk of damage to the cable is minimized should an anomaly develop anywhere along the cable path. L3 MariPro has successfully buried over 100 kilometers of cable worldwide.

Water-Jet Trencher at 30-meters water depth and 0.25 kts. Typically 1-meter burial depth Cable passing through Trencher beneath Propulsion jets.